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Layer thickness measurement and element composition

The petrochemical industry and it's challenges

The main issues within the energy industry, particularly in the petrochemical sector, can be divided into three sections: corrosion containment in hostile environments, the selection and quality of anti-corrosion coatings, and compliance with industry standards and regulations. Addressing these issues is crucial to protect equipment, structures, and assets from corrosion and to ensure the longevity and reliability of operations in the petrochemical industry.

Advanced Coatings and On-site Monitoring
Ensuring Quality and Durability
Enhancing Quality, Safety, and Reliability

Equipment, towers, pipes, platforms, pumps, valve assemblies, and other components are constantly exposed to highly hostile environments. The main issue in this industry is developing coatings that effectively combat corrosion and being able to monitor their wear on-site. The reliance on steel structures that undergo corrosion processes poses a significant reality and challenge in the petrochemical market.

The main issue here is ensuring the quality and durability of these coatings, which is influenced by factors such as the thickness of the coating layers and the necessary controls during manufacturing and in-field inspections. The selection and proper application of coatings are essential to protect the equipment and structures from corrosion.

These standards cover areas such as pipe painting, galvanized paintwork, ferrous and non-ferrous alloys, composites and polymer materials, painting of maritime exploration and production units, painting of metal structures, painting of vessels, painting of machinery and equipment, painting of subsea equipment, painting of galvanized towers, and painting of storage tanks, spheres, and cylinders. Compliance with these standards is a critical issue for the industry, ensuring the quality, safety, and reliability of the coatings and their application.

Solutions for layer thickness control

MMS Inspection®

The new MMS® Inspection series is the perfect solution to meet the day-to-day requirements for inspecting corrosion protection. The great differential is its robustness, having good performance in extreme conditions, such as those commonly found on platforms or Offshore. Another differential is its portability and connectivity, whereby Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and USB can do data transfer without operators having to write measurement details by hand.


  • The layer thickness measurement of paint or lacquer on Ferrous and Non-Ferrous substrates
  • Ease in managing results, separating them into batches
  • Pre-set according to SSPC PA2 / ISO / ASTM Standards
  • Precise control with an error margin ≤ of 1μm and savings with paint coating
  • Robust and portable, ideal for those who work in field inspection
  • The only one on the market with an IP65 protection level against water, dust and vibration

FMP® Series

The FMP Series of layer thickness gauges together with our high-precision probes allow for non-destructive and highly accurate measurements of paint coatings and lacquers. Whether it’s for quality control in a manufacturing process, random sample inspection or complete batches, these portable, easy-to-use instruments will meet your needs. With more than 70 different types of probes, even the most difficult jobs, such as measuring on rough surfaces, in holes and tubes, on concave or convex surfaces and many other challenges, can be overcome with one of our special probes.


  • The layer thickness of Inconel, Xylan and other anti-corrosion coatings in the Oil and Gas industry
  • Measuring duplex, paint/zinc and steel layers and reporting the results individually
  • Probes for measuring coating thicknesses from 1.0μm up to 100mm


The FERITSCOPE FMP30 accurately measures Ferrite content in Austenitic and duplex steel using the magnetic induction
method. It is fully portable, and there is no need to destroy the part. Suitable for measurements according to Basler and
DIN EN ISO 17655 standards can be used for laboratory or field applications due to their portability. The FERITSCOPE
FMP30 is recommended for austenitic steel plates and welds on stainless steel, pipes, containers, boilers or other products that are made of the austenitic or duplex steel


  • Ferrite content in Austenitic or duplex steel in a non-destructive way
  • Ferrite content inspection in welds
  • Determining ferrite [content] for corrosion prevention

X-Ray fluorescence solutions

Layer thickness measurement and element composition


The Fischerscope® XAN® 500 is a portable instrument for X-ray fluorescence measurements. This equipment is suitable for performing measurements of coating thicknesses on different materials and element analysis from sulphur (S) to uranium (U). The equipment is small in size, making it portable and
allowing the user to use it on his workbench or for field inspections.

The XAN 500 can be suitable for several applications such as:

  • Thickness measurements of layers of Zn, ZnNi, Cd, Ag, NiP and others.
  • Measuring the thicknesses of organometallic materials
  • Galvanic bath solutions (liquids), element analyses
  • Identifying and classifying stainless-steel alloys, Inconel, special steels and others
  • Several applications where porta

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