Our XRF machines enable accurate and reliable quality control

Designed to improve your quality control processes and enhance your material analysis capabilities.

How XRF machines add value to your processes

XRF machines provide accurate and reliable measurements of materials. This allows you to make informed decisions and optimise your workflows. Whether you need to identify materials, measure coating thickness, or analyse metals – our XRF machines are up to the task.

Ensuring Quality Standards and Preventing Costly Errors
Unlocking Efficiency and Optimisation
Rapid and Accurate Material Identification

Our XRF machines can quickly and easily analyse materials and ensure that you meet your quality standards. This lets you catch defects early in the manufacturing process and avoid costly mistakes.

Are your existing processes as efficient as they can be? Our machines help identify opportunities for improvement, from efficient use of materials to avoiding unnecessary reworks.

Whether you need to know material composition for documentation, research or to inform subsequent production steps – our XRF machines identify materials quickly, easily and accurately.

What are XRF machines used for?

Our XRF machines provide highly accurate measurements without destructive testing. They can be used for:

  • Measuring material thickness
  • Analysing material composition
  • Identifying elemental composition

They are designed to do this accurately, reliably, and quickly, to ensure you get the most out of your investment in a Helmut Fischer XRF machine.

material analysis instruments

Materials Identification

Material analysis is achieved using the XRF method and Fischer’s range of instruments have the capability to identify unknown materials. The ‘Material ID’ function is easily configured to identify an unknown sample by comparing the spectrum with a library of stored reference spectra. The library can be edited and customised by the user to incorporate known materials and utilised for ‘goods in’ testing for example.

Plating Solution Testing

The quality of metallic coatings depends heavily on the formulation of the plating bath solution, which consequently needs to be monitored. Compared with other methods like titration, XRF analysis of such solutions is straightforward.

Sample preparation and XRF testing is quick, and clean as opposed to other analytical methods where gases (Ar) or purified water are used. These can be messy, time consuming and the results subjective.

Our range of XRF machines

XRF machines come in various shapes and sizes, depending on their intended use. Our range encompasses everything from portable handheld devices to large polycapillary XRF-μ systems.

We will always do our best to match you with an XRF machine that meets your specific application needs effectively and cost-efficiently.

What makes our XRF machines the most user-friendly on the market?

Fischer WinFTM software

Easy-to-use software

The supplied Fischer WinFTM software has full SPC (Statistical Process Control) functionality for optimisation of measurements and control of quality throughout the manufacturing process.

Fischer X-ray instruments

Comprehensive reporting capabilities

All Fischer X-ray instruments are supplied with a fully-featured software package that includes a report editor module.

Optimise your workflow, save time and resources, and professionally present the measurement data to your customers. Simply create a template and report your test results directly from the instrument.

Incorporate tables, charts, pictures, spectra, and statistical data into a professional document with your company logo. With one click of a button, the report can be printed as a ‘certificate of testing’ to accompany the goods. The final results can also be exported to Excel, CSV, and PDF formats.

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