Unbeatable in automated terahertz measurement



  • Market-leading measurement performance: Unsurpassed 6 THz bandwidth for highest precision and repeatability
  • Patented Clean-Trace Technology: Dry air flushing for best measurement performance and unaltered results
  • Integrated 3D scanner: With positioning sensors also for round surfaces and complex component shapes
  • Vibration compensation: Unique 1.6 KHz sampling rate intrinsically compensates for all unwanted vibrations
  • Easy integration: Hardware and software designed for use on the robot as well as in control systems
  • High reliability: Robust, low-maintenance and designed for uninterrupted 24/7 use
  • Electro-optical measurement: No moving mechanical parts guarantee maximum uptime


  • Spot size: 1 mm
  • Bandwidth: Up to 6 THz
  • Acquisition speed (THz-Tracerate): 1.6 KHz
  • Measurement time: Few seconds
  • Positioning time: < 1 – 3 s depending on the application with an accuracy of < 0.05 µm
  • Measuring range: 10 μm up to several millimeters
  • Number of layers: Up to 7
  • Measuring distance: 7 cm
  • Accuracy: < 1 μm or 1 % of the layer thickness, depending on the application
  • Repeatability: < 0.1 μm, depending on application
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  • Coating thickness measurement of organic single and multiple layers on plastic or metal substrates
  • Layer thickness measurement of dry, wet and soft coatings
  • Contactless conductivity measurement (e.g. solar cells, wafer 2DEG, graphene)
  • Quality control and non-destructive testing (NDT), imaging through the material, hidden defect detection, spectroscopic measurements
  • Material characterization and development

More precise, more accurate and faster. Designed for maximum uptime, the robust TERASCOPE® features unmatched 6 THz bandwidth for market-leading measurement performance. Specifically designed for measuring multi-layer systems, the automated measurement system can detect each individual layer and determine its properties – contactless, non-destructively and precisely. And it does so fully automatically in just a single work step. Thanks to the patented vibration compensation, the device automatically compensates for all unwanted vibrations.

Regardless of the base materials, no matter what industry. Integrate the TERASCOPE® easily into your quality assurance process and work with worldwide unique precision, accuracy and speed.

    How does the terahertz measurement work?

    The terahertz radiation used consists of electromagnetic waves with frequencies between 0.1 and 10 THz. Thus, this radiation is shorter wavelength than microwaves but longer wavelength than visible light. The special feature of THz radiation is that it can penetrate many layers. Each individual layer within a multilayer system can be detected separately.

    The terahertz radiation is generated in the measuring head by an optoelectronic unit with a laser. This emits an ultrashort terahertz pulse that is sent to the sample. This pulse penetrates the different layers. At the transitions between the layers, the radiation is partially reflected. These echo pulses arrive at the detector with characteristic time differences. Since each layer and each material has specific absorption spectra, individual layers and their layer thickness can be precisely determined from the signal characteristics, and other parameters such as homogeneity and porosity can be inferred.

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