Portable handheld XRF guns for mobile material analysis

Our handheld XRF guns provide great flexibility, mobility and of course Helmut Fischer’s reliable accuracy.

What are FISCHERSCOPE® handheld XRF guns used for?

Our FISCHERSCOPE® handheld XRF guns are used for a wide variety of applications. Below is a a list of the most common examples.

A man operating a handhelf XRF gun
  • Accurate coating thickness measurement on steel, aluminium, silver and other complex alloys
  • Precise metal content evaluation in incoming good inspection, quality assurance or production
  • Analysis of multiple coating layers and alloys like ZnNi over Fe or Au over NiP over Fe
  • Instant results, automated data storage and labelling allows a high throughput of samples
  • Checking the thickness of Cr over Ni over Cu on plastic for example in the automotive industry
  • Measurement of bulky and odd shaped parts right where they’re located, for example at museums or excavation site
  • Ensure and guarantee the genuineness of precious metals for buying and reselling

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Features and benefits of our FISCHERSCOPE® X-RAY XAN® 500 handheld devices

  • Compact and sturdy handheld instrument for non-destructive material analysis with X-ray fluorescence
  • Extremely safe – the flat detector fully protects operators and your customers from hazardous X-ray energy backscatter
  • No sample preparation required
  • Average test times of 5 seconds to produce accurate results
  • 3-point support removes extra strain on an operator’s hand what allows seamless routine measurements, repetitive results and more secure positioning
  • Easy positioning of small samples is possible thanks to the spacious measurement chamber
  • Aperture of 2mm allows to focus and measure in exceedingly small spots on a sample
  • Bottom-up measurement enables testing of various small and complex geometry samples
  • Seamless measurements, data collection and processing with pre-installed WinFTM software
  • Seamless integration into control and process control systems


What’s included with our FISCHERSCOPE® X-RAY XAN® 500?

  • Handheld XRF gun
  • Measurement box for converting the handheld device into a desktop station
  • WinFTM Software with full SPC (Statistical Process Control) functionality for optimisation of measurements and control of quality throughout the manufacturing process.
  • Fully-featured software package with report editor module

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