Small spot XRF analysers with polycapillary optics

Our Polycapillary XRF-μ systems provide precise material analysis and coating thickness evaluation for small measurement spots (20 micron).

Our small spot XRF analysers

  • Portable Handheld XRF


    Measurement of extremely thin multi-layer coatings on very small components

  • Small Spot XRF

    XDV®-μ PCB/Wafer

    Automated coating inspection system on PCBs and Wafers with vacuum suction

  • Small Spot XRF

    XDV®-μ Semi

    Fully automated coating inspection system for semiconductor industry

Microscopic spot coating thickness and material analysis

The XDV-μ series is Fischer’s most advanced X-ray fluorescence (XRF) instrument which is designed for precise coating thickness measurement and material analysis on very tiny structures, in extremely localised measurement spots. All devices are equipped with polycapillary optics what allows to focus the X-ray beam down to 20 μm (Full Width at Half Maximum – FWHM). The high intensity of polycapillary optics dramatically reduces measurement time while obtaining a much better precision than regular XRF.

A diagram comparing collimator to poliycapillary

The XDV-μ series offer a range of filters, voltages and currents to measure complex applications with up to 24 coating layers and elements. Furthermore, all XDV-μ models are equipped with a programmable XYZ stage and a truly unique pattern recognition software. These features allow your measurement tasks to be fully automated, without any additional programming experience. Nevertheless, the top of the range XDV-μ Semi additionally comes with sample handling unit, allowing completely hands-free operation.

Powerful Silicon Drift Detector (50mm2 effective area) and new digital pulse processor (DPP+) detects and processes very-high count rates across a wide range of materials Al(13) to U(92). This dramatically reduces the measurement time and significantly increases the resolution and accuracy of the readings. Meanwhile, micro-focus X-ray tube with tungsten target and beryllium window ensures long-lasting service for many years. The necessity of re-calibration is drastically reduced, saving time and effort as all instruments are calibrated to your specific applications before the delivery.

Features and benefits of our small spot XRF machines

  • Powerful bench-top instrument for the non-destructive analysis of extremely thin coatings.
  • Highly small aperture size (down to 20 μm) allows to focus and measure in exceedingly small spots.
  • Digital pulse processor DPP+ for higher count rates, reduced measuring times or better repeatability of your measurement results
  • Extremely safe. Thick metal shielding fully protects operators and visitors from hazardous X-ray energy.
  • Doesn’t require any sample preparation and outputs precise results with average test times of 5 seconds.
  • Programmable XY-Stage and Z-Axis can be automated to measure in predefined positions  what allows seamless routine measurements, repetitive and accurate results.
  • Precise recognition of low intensity elements accommodates for repetitive and accurate:
    – coating thickness measurements in nanometers range (e.g. as low as 2nm of Gold).
    – small concentrations in the trace analysis to RoHS &WEEE
Small Spot XRF
  • Various complex geometry samples can be tested in specific regions thanks to the top down measurement.
  • Big samples can be allocated thanks to the spacious chamber with the usable sample placement area of 370x320x40mm.
  •  WinFTM software for seamless measurements, data collection and processing comes pre-installed on PC or laptop.
  • Instant results, automated data storage and labelling allows a high throughput of samples.

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What are small spot XRF analysers used for?

  • Precise coating thickness evaluation of Gold, Palladium and Nickel layers on Copper in PCB applications.Simplifying quality control on PCBs with automatic pattern recognitionD
  • Simplifying incoming good inspection and quality assurance on PCBs with automatic pattern recognition.
  • Directly measurable concentrations of phosphorous content in Electroless Nickel applications
  •  Analysis of the metallic content in plating solutions, such as AuCuCd, AuCuIn, RhRu to ensure an even colour finish.
  • Analysis of harmful substances textiles for  Oeko-Tex certification
  • Trace element analysis (mainly led and cadmium) in materials for fashion jewellery and accessories
  • Identification of undesirable substances (e.g. heavy metals) in electronics, packaging and consumer goods to RoHS, WEEE, CPSIA and other guidelines.

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